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Steel Ball Industry

The iron mold sand casting production line is suitable for the production of various small and medium-sized castings and the casting ball series. The production equipment has the function of satisfying the production of many different wear-resistant media products, and is highly suitable for the diversified development of wear-resistant dielectric materials. The market situation provides equipment support for the transformation and upgrading of many wear-resistant materials manufacturers.

Auto Parts Industry

The box-less moulding machine is suitable for the field of wet sand casting, and is suitable for the production of small and medium sized castings and non-ferrous metal moulding in batch. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, less investment and quick Results, energy saving and environmental protection。

Small and medium castings

Anhui Xinning Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on the foundation of Ningguo wear-resistant casting industry, combined with more than ten years of practical experience in wear-resistant materials and production equipment, has a team of design, manufacturing, automation control casting production equipment engineers and advanced production. Manufacturing equipment, with strong R & D, manufacturing capabilities; scientific quality control process, perfect after-sales service system, allowing users to use with confidence. At the same time, it can provide overall planning and design, complete product process technical support and equipment operator training for new project enterprises of casting products. Can independently produce all kinds of molding machines, steam turbines, iron film sand-covered production lines and other products.

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