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Xinning automatic molding machine successfully completed installation and testing

22 October 2019

We participated in the 2019 German International Foundry Exhibition

07 July 2019

How to judge the quality of wear-resistant steel balls

24 May 2019

Metal Molding Line For Grinding Media

23 May 2019

Automatic casting grinding media ball molding line

23 May 2019

The use point of the molding machine

24 April 2019

Automatic molding machine operating procedures

11 December 2018

Equipment characteristics of heat treatment production line

11 December 2018

Automatic horizontal boxless molding machine fault detection

11 December 2018

Modeling machine manufacturers preferred Anhui Xinning Equipment Co., Ltd.

07 December 2018

Classification of horizontal boxless automatic molding machine

06 December 2018

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