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On November 10, 2022, for the first time, ANHUI XINNING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD personnel went to Turkey to install Fully Automatic Horizontal Flaskless Casting Molding Production Line equipment.
PublishTime: 2022-11-10 02:40:00

On November 10, 2022, we ushered in a very important moment! The ANHUI XINNING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD personnel will go to Turkey for the first time to installation work of Fully Automatic Horizontal Flaskless Casting Molding Production Line equipment.

As a company dedicated to the manufacturing and service of fully automatic equipment, we have been paying attention to the latest technological development trends, constantly delving into innovation, and are committed to providing customers with more efficient and reliable solutions. Our key project this year - molding machine equipment, has achieved great success in the domestic market with its excellent performance and advanced technology. Today, we have taken one more step towards the international market and are determined to share our advanced manufacturing concepts with the rest of the world.
Turkey, as a country spanning two continents, has unique geographical advantages. In recent years, it has attracted global attention with its strong economic growth and industrial development speed. Facing the growing market demand in Turkey, we decided to visit the country in person and provide local companies with advanced molding machine equipment to help them upgrade and optimize their production processes.

Our equipment personnel have been strictly selected and trained and have rich installation experience and professional technical knowledge. They will use first-class technical level and service attitude to ensure the best results from the installation and debugging of the equipment. At the same time, they will also maintain close communication with local customers and cooperate to solve various technical problems to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


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