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How to judge the quality of wear-resistant steel balls
PublishTime: 2019-05-24 10:37:49

Wear-resistant steel balls are an auxiliary product consumed in industrial crushing. It plays a very important and effective role. For the production and selection of steel balls, everyone has put a lot of effort into learning. Let us have a deeper understanding and better use.

 When selecting steel balls, attention should be paid to the high quality material properties of their products. After all, the production technology of steel balls is relatively low. This quality problem is mainly reflected in the material, and the quality of the material is directly related to its price, so we should pay attention to it first. This is the material of the steel ball.

 At present, the price of wear-resistant steel balls is usually determined by the nickel element contained in them. The more nickel in a steel ball, the more expensive the price is naturally. Steel balls with less nickel will be cheaper, which is a good judgment for everyone. Ordinary steel balls We may need to judge the nickel content by weight, feel, color, etc. For some brands of steel balls, their composition is very detailed and you can buy it safely, so you can also buy branded products directly.

 Wear-resistant steel ball products often use several or even a dozen different elements to interact with each other to achieve the final composite index. Typically, an element contributes to one or more aspects of the product, but at the same time, it often has various side effects on the performance of one or more aspects. At this point, we need to use several elements to locate the main elements, and some other elements to suppress the side effects of the main elements, which is the same as the principle of the five lines of metaphysics. The various elements complement each other and cooperate with each other to provide excellent performance.

 Therefore, if we want these elements to achieve the best goals, we need a comprehensive understanding of these alloying elements. The role of these elements in wear-resistant steel balls is closely related to the shape of the ball. Therefore, the quality of the wear-resistant steel ball is directly dependent on different elements, different contents, different ratios and different processes.

 Through continuous tempering and blending, the actual test, the various elements are melted to produce complex chemical benefits, find the balance point between these elements, so that the wear-resistant steel ball has a very strong hardness and wear resistance. This greatly reduces the workload of workers and increases the profits of enterprises.

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