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Fully Automatic horizontal flask less foundry casting Molding moulding machine

Horizontal flask less foundry casting Molding molding machine is of low energy consumption, less sand crushing, high regeneration efficiency, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, small occupied area, and so on....

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Product Description

Application of new technology of automatic horizontal Flask less molding machine:

Touch control system: PLC intelligent automatic control, parts of Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens, Korui and other international brands. The international brand, quality assurance

Control system: each part adopts a control box and decentralized operation; Set limit, operation, interlock, emergency stop so that the production operation more stable and reliable.

The large screen displays the operation process, fault indication, maintenance guide, and parameter setting. And through the network remote control, the realization of fault detection, convenient service.

Hydraulic system: famous brands such as hydraulic components and components, etc. The hydraulic system adopts proportion and data control technology to realize variable control. Long service life, stable operation. Imported hydraulic components, pressure strength, stable operation. The hydraulic system is automatically heated and cooled. In winter, one-button empties the cooling water to protect the cooling device.

Sandblasting system: suspended pressure sandblasting, high compactness of sand mold, short molding time

Over the years, the company has actively rammed the construction of the technical team, established a doctor, graduate students, and with rich experience in the design and development of wear-resistant casting equipment independent technology core force. Through active cooperation with Jinan University, Hefei university of technology, Anhui machinery research institute, Anhui engineering university, and other institutions of "industry-university-research" cooperation. Combined with more than ten years of practical experience in wear-resistant materials and production equipment, as well as advanced production and manufacturing equipment, the company has strong r&d and manufacturing capabilities.

Product model: XN-SW450*550 XN-SW510*610 XN-SW550*650 XN-SWJ610*710, and XN-SWJ610*710HY

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

Anhui Xinning equipment co., LTD., the manufacturer of molding machines, is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of casting equipment. In October 2014, the company was successfully listed in the "national SME share transfer system" (securities abbreviation: Xinning shares). Securities code: 831220); Is a professional R&D, manufacturing, sales of casting equipment listed companies.

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