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Automatic molding machine for clay sand

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Product Description

Automatic molding machine product advantages

Intelligent control, fool type one key operation, one will learn, no work experience, no special training, comprehensive replacement of manual modeling
Production efficiency, high efficiency and stability, 24 hours operation, 120 boxes per hour (no less than core) is equivalent to 5-10 skilled workers, providing continuous productivity.

Safe and reliable, safe grating, to ensure that the production and core process is absolutely safe, convenient core. Horizontal parting, convenient core setting

Quality assurance, automatic control, perfect consistency of product quality.

Cost control, sand box height, no stability, higher compactness, no noise.

The equipment can be upgraded, which can be produced by a single machine or by a fully automatic production line. Manual input of adjustment parameters is required for one-button adjustment, so that the operation is accurate and the cost is saved.

Control support, hydraulic, electrical control using the world famous brand, PLC control support, strong reliability.

Energy saving and environmental protection, shot sand sealed silo, clean environment without dust, hydraulic power, action user more selective. Adjustable mold height to save sand: the upper and lower compaction plates can be adjusted to produce different mold height.

Resource utilization, existing double-sided plate can be used, saving the user mold expenditure.

Product model: XNZJ450*550 XNZJ510*610 XNZJ550*650 XNZJ610*710

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

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