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Fully automatic moulding machine

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Product Description

The main structure and specifications of the box - less molding machine

Structure composition: frame, molding system, mould slide frame, pressure blasting system, hydraulic system, control part, sand supply (auxiliary) part and other main mechanism system composition

Main specifications and models of xn-sw-series automatic box-less moulding machine:

A 550 x 450

610 x 510 

650 x 550 
D 710 x 610
E other non-qualitative specifications

Xn-sw-series horizontal box-less automatic molding machine solves the key core technology and automatically completes the simultaneous molding of top and bottom.

Suspended pressure blasting;

Realize uniform compaction through hydraulic control;

Automatic temperature control of model and compaction plate;

Automatic filling and lubricating device;

Automatic spraying mold release agent;

One key start, memory run.

Equipped with light curtain protection, etc.

It has the advantages of forming, high closing precision and stable molding quality. Safe and reliable, etc.

Product model: XNZJ450*550 XNZJ510*610 XNZJ550*650 XNZJ610*710

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

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