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Automatic horizontal boxless molding machine fault detection
PublishTime: 2018-12-11 13:18:37

Automatic horizontal boxless molding machine fault detection

After putting into production, pay attention to the failure detection of the molding machine. Otherwise, the machine will easily fail. The fault detection of the molding machine is mainly carried out from five aspects, including the indenter part of the molding machine, the shock part, the compacting part, the demoulding part, and the operation.

First, the automatic horizontal boxless molding machine fault detection of the indenter part

After the molding machine is used for a period of time, the indenter may have a slow and slow swinging motion, and the molding machine should be maintained in the following manner.

1. When the molding machine is in fault detection, check the gap between the front and the back of the molding machine's indenter. Is there any foreign matter obstruction such as iron shovel?

2. Open the two intake pipes on the back of the indenter. The control valves are respectively placed in the original position and swinged in to see if the intake of the nozzle is large enough. If the intake air volume is small, the pressure of the indenter will be slow. When the molding machine is faulty. If this is the reason, the valve can be checked until the air filter is cleaned and blocked.

3. There is a cover plate on the head of the molding machine. If the rack is opened, the rust is serious. If the molding machine malfunctions, the head will be slow, and it can be cleaned with kerosene or gasoline.

4. If the above situation does not occur during the fault detection of the molding machine, the flanges on both sides of the indenter should be opened to check whether the Y-ring seals on both sides of the rack are aging and deformed. If so, the head can be slow.

5, the last move, open the upper flange behind the molding machine head, check whether the butter of the gear bearing is degraded, if so, can be washed with kerosene or gasoline, while moving the indenter, it will feel more and more loose.

Second, the automatic horizontal boxless molding machine fault detection shock part

There are several reasons for the shock or weakness of the molding machine.

1. The molding machine fault detection encounters air filter gas blockage. Because the vacuum pump works to produce some water, the filter element in the air filter gas is blocked by adding some foreign matter in the pipeline for a long time. The pressure gauge looks at this time. The pressure is not small, but the air flow is not enough, causing the machine to be weak.

2. Due to long-term vibration, the following molding machine failures will occur: 6 M20 hexagonal nails connected to the arresting table and the shock piston are loose, so that there is a gap between the shaking table and the piston, and the working airflow leaks from here, causing a shock. Powerless, especially after compaction, can not be shocked.

3, the piston and the pump iron are not lubricated, rusting, can also cause shock and weakness, solve the problem of the molding machine, can open the rubber tube to the earthquake table, inject a pound of kerosene or gasoline, and then go up, When the shock is turned on, the sound of the shock will change significantly.

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