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Automatic molding machine operating procedures
PublishTime: 2018-12-11 13:19:41

Automatic molding machine operating procedures

A molding machine for the manufacture of sand casting equipment. The main functions of the molding machine are: filling, filling loose sand into the sand box; compact sand. The molding machine is widely used in industrial production. How to safely operate the molding machine is a problem that every producer cares about. The safety operation procedures of the molding machine are introduced below.

Automatic molding machine operating procedures:

1. Obey the general operating procedures of the molding machine and the core making machine.

2. When the molding machine is demolished, the ejector must be stable and synchronized, otherwise, notify the maintenance personnel to repair.

3. The molding machine pressure is real-time, and the sand-reducing beam turret should be rotated smoothly. Do not operate too hard and produce impact.

4. The operator must pay attention to whether the mold is good before and after production, and whether the outer mold and the positioning pin of the core mold are matched.

5. The staff who operate the molding machine should concentrate on thinking.

6. After the completion of the automatic molding machine, the mold should be lifted to the specified pouring point (line) according to the process regulations. Place it neatly and lock it with a pressure iron or clip. Miscellaneous items must be marked with a mark.

7, the molding machine sand box is not allowed to stack too high, generally not more than two meters, the tools must be stacked neatly to prevent accidents.

8. When using the blowtorch, pay attention to safety and prevent fire. The running light must be a low-voltage bulb below 36V, and disable the high-voltage bulb above 220V.

9. When using the driving machine, check whether the spreader is good. When lifting, the hook should be fastened and the chain should be straightened. It is not allowed to slant and overload.

10. It is strictly forbidden to modify the mold under the lifting sand box. When the large sand box is unpacked, it must be replaced with a square object when turning over the cushion box.

11. The sandbox used in the fully automatic molding machine must be firm, and the hand should be complete without cracks and bending.

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