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(horizontal parting) iron mould sand casting production line

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Product Description

1) model of iron mold sand coating production line: xn-tf-90ii;

2) driving mode: adopt pneumatic or hydraulic mode;

3) power supply/voltage/rated power: 380V/50Hz; 75 kw

4) overall size of the production line: it covers an area of about 280 square meters.

5) mode of action: PLC human-machine interface intelligent control of the whole line of action, synchronous manual control.

6) production line operation labor: 5-6 people.

7) operation beat: no-load operation beat is about 40 "; Production cycle time: 60~80 "/ box (45~60 boxes/hour).

8) single line annual capacity: 5,000-12,000 tons.

9) scope of application: 40~ 150 chromium series alloy casting balls, sections, CADI casting balls and part of the small and medium sized castings production.

10) mold standard configuration: 60 sets of mold for a single specification.

11) standard templates: one pair of templates (one set of upper and lower templates) for each specification.

12) nozzle configuration: 1 set for each specification (1 set for each upper and lower die).

13) cooling method: tap water circulation cooling.

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

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