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Iron mold sand - coated crankshaft casting line

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Product Description

According to the heat curing characteristics of coated sand, the iron film coated sand production line adopts the dual-position core jet machine (also known as the coated sand pressure jet molding machine) to shoot and press the mold into the metal mold cavity, so as to promote the coated sand to adhere to the mold cavity wall and solidify -- complete the precision molding.

The liquid metal is solidified in an iron mold by means of the above process.

Features of multi-station sandblasting machine

A multi-station core-shooting machine can realize no waiting for curing time after sand coating;

B. Two products of similar specifications can be produced while improving the equipment operation rate;

C increase a station on the original basis, the output can be increased by 40%;

D can realize the simultaneous production of products with two specifications, saving 50% on mold investment;

E multi-station shooting core plate cleaning, the type plate without shelter visual visual, easy to check, complete residue removal, to ensure the quality of overlaying sand

Patent no. : 201410412489.3

The utility model relates to an injection core molding device of coated sand

Patent no. : 201410415632.4

The utility model relates to a horizontal parting iron sand covering molding system

Patent no. : 201410412442.7

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

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