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Iron mould chrome mill ball casting production line

Iron mold chrome mill ball casting production line is used to produce 40-150 mm grinding steel balls from 5000-10000 tons grinding ball each year...

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Product Description

Production Line operational process:
Mold preheat→Push the mold into molding station and shooting sand→Operator inspects the sand shooted→Mold closing→ Pouring molten metal →Mold opening and product unloading→Cleaning the residual sand→shooting sand again→complete one cycle.

The Riser:

The pouring riser is one of the necessary processes for smelting and casting. At present, in the smelting and casting industry, the existing production and molding of pouring risers require a large amount of work, and it needs to be prefabricated and stored in advance, special equipment needs to be invested, and the production cost of pouring risers is high. When using the sprue, it needs to be installed one by one

The iron film sand coating production line adopts the patented technology such as ZL201310278166.5, the pouring riser, and the casting cavity becomes one, forming at one time, avoiding the handling and installation, realizing the molding while producing, avoiding the loose sand in the pouring riser installation process, and omitting the investment of the special core ejector.

A: the pouring riser and mold cavity are self-integrated, which improves the molding quality of mold sand coating and ensures the internal quality of the casting;

B. The pouring riser and the mold cavity are independent of each other. When sanding, the installation is saved and the production process is made separately to avoid the investment of special equipment and save labor.

C. sprue and mold cavity are integrated and solidified simultaneously, making full use of residual heat of the mold;

D. The integral sprue body mechanism saves the amount of sand.

The invention of integrated pouring riser technology reduces the input of equipment in production. Two workers were saved. Reduced production energy consumption; Saving sand consumption; Improved product quality.

Special models can be customized according to customer requirements

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