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Overturning Full-fiber Bogie-hearth Resistance Furnace

Bogie-hearth Resistance Furnace Widely used in chemical analysis, physical decomposition, and synthesis, super hard materials (such as ceramic), metal heat treatment of sintering process research and other scientific experiments.

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Product Description

I. Product Description
RT3 series of full-fiber bogie- hearth resistance furnace is mainly applied to quenching, annealing and tempering, and other heating processes of high chromium and high manganese steel casting, mold steel, roller, steel ball, crushing hammer and wear-resistant lining plate.

 II. Overturning Full-fiber Bogie-hearth Resistance Furnace Technical Parameters

 1. Rated power: 380kw

 2. Rated temperature: 1200℃

 3. Uniformity of temperature control: ±3℃

 4. Working dimension: 2400×1100×800(mm)

 5. Rated voltage: three phases, 380V

 6. No-load heating-up time: ≤2.5h

 7. Maximum loading capacity: 6T

 8. Lining materials: ceramic fiber cotton (high aluminum type)

 9. The material of the furnace bottom plate: NiN7

10. Temperature-control component: thyristor

11. Heating zone: Zone 3

Installed with a hydraulic top-type pump, the trolley can turn over automatically, and the turnover speed is controlled in one minute.

III. Overturning Full-fiber Bogie-hearth Resistance Furnace Application:

Universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, medical and health, petroleum chemical industry, mining enterprise, quality and technology supervision agencies, and other units laboratory, laboratory are the use of such equipment.


1. Gravimetric analysis

2. Sintering

3. Quantitative analysis

4. Heat treating

5. Glass preparation

IV.Overturning Full-fiber Bogie-hearth Heat treatment furnace Structure:
High purity alumina fiber insulation surrounding the chamber provides maximum energy efficiency. Heavy-duty double-layer structure with a cooling fan to keep furnace exteriors safe to touch. Doble layer steel case with forced air cooling to ensure lower safer face temperature.

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