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Pusher Heat Treatment Production Line

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Product Description

Main characteristics:
1. The equipment is widely applied to the heat treatment of chromium alloy forging balls and black metal material products.
2. Equipped with high-quality high-temperature-resistant fiber cotton as the insulating layer, the furnace lining of the equipment has a good insulating effect and stable quality. The secondary forming of the brick structure after being used is avoided. In addition, it can save 25%-40% more energy than traditional equipment.
3. On the bottom of the furnace, silicon carbide is installed to prevent the oxide from dropping into the bottom of the furnace in case of a short circuit.
4. With high automation, the equipment is controlled by PLC human-machine interface, and easily and conveniently operated.
5. The flat-ribbon heating component is arranged in the waveform to avoid the operating heating wire from loosening, which might lead to a short circuit. In the production process, the open circuit of local wire has no influence on the normal operation of the whole production line.
6. The oil cooling system is designed into the central surging pattern to ensure the uniformity of oil temperature.

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