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ANHUI XINNING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD technical department went to Türkiye for installation.
PublishTime: 2023-11-05 08:40:00

On November 5, 2023, a team of people from our technical department embarked on a journey to Türkiye, shouldering the important task of installing and debugging equipment. The installation and commissioning of this equipment is an important cooperation between our company and Turkish customers, and it is also a very challenging task for our technical department.

After arriving in Türkiye, members of the technical department immediately started installing the equipment. They overcame many difficulties such as time differences and language barriers, worked closely together, and completed the equipment installation tasks efficiently. During this period, they not only demonstrated their superb technical strength, but also embodied the spirit of teamwork.

Next, members of the technical department entered the debugging stage of the equipment. During the debugging process, they were meticulous and strictly followed the operating procedures to ensure that all functions of the equipment were normal. They fully analyzed and prepared for possible problems, thus effectively avoiding unexpected situations. After some hard work, the equipment debugging work was a complete success, and all indicators met the customer's requirements.

During this trip to Türkiye, our technical department not only completed the task of installing and debugging equipment, but also gained valuable experience and friendship. We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, future cooperation will be closer, and the prospects will be broader.

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