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Grinding media ball and mill ball (Steel ball) casting Line

Grinding Ball Casting Line For Grinding Ball Plant Grinding Ball Casting Line For Grinding Ball Plant is an automatic way to produce grinding ball, casting ball, steel ball, Mill ball, grinding media, etc...

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Product Description

Grinding balls production line is used for producing grinding balls. It is a fully automatic production line.multi-station single specification sand coated casting production line is designed as a flexible open linear layout and manufactured in strict accordance with the forming process principle of wear-resistant casting ball and segment products. In this paper, a new casting production line is introduced, which uses the technology of sand covering with multi-combination iron mold and the heat curing characteristics of resin sand to inject and press the mold into the metal model to complete the sand covering molding on the mold cavity wall and realize the cold solidification molding of liquid metal in the iron mold. Multi-station core shooter core covering sand (upper and lower die are operated in one station at the same time). Compared with the existing equipment technology, it can directly reduce the labor force, reduce the standard general wearing parts of the whole line, and make the maintenance convenient and operation cost low. The whole line is controlled by microcomputer human-machine interface PLC system and multi-position intelligent temperature monitoring, which meets the casting process requirements of the casting section

Production process:


(1) Alternating with live and non-live roller,which makes the whole line operate smoothly. It can run normally even lacking mold

(2) Only 3-4 workers needed for the whole production line.

(3) The molding line and pouring line run independently, which comes true the function of inter-supply.

(4) The fasted speed of pouring line 25″

(5) Four size ball mold can run at the same time

(6) Providing far distance service by wifi, when there is damage to the production line. The users can call our service center, then our company will solve the damage by the website. Highly improving the quality of after-sales service.

Production Capacity:

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