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No back sand production line to produce casting grinding ball

Production line to produce casting grinding ball adopts sand coated in metal mold cavity-type technology, which is widely used to produce grinding ball...

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Product Description

The automatic casting grinding Media ball molding line adopts a technology called sand coated in a metal mold cavity, which is fit for producing high chrome casting balls. The whole casting ball molding line drives by hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric, and PLC automatic control. Two main control cabinets and five sub-control cabinets control the whole operation and mechanism of the casting ball molding line. In the two control boxes, equipped with PLC automatic control and touching screen. Operators can monitor the whole production process through the screen. When there is any problem, it can automatically alarm. All control cabinets are equipped with an emergency stop button. It also has the ability of remote maintenance & diagnose failure functions. Mainly need four workers to control the entire operation. One for molding, one for pouring, one for cleaning molten iron slag on the mold after pouring, one for checking if it is clean or not for used sand in the mold, not including auxiliary workers.

●The production line is available with the mold size 630*630, 656*656, 750*750, and 840*840

●It also has the ability of remote maintenance&diagnose remote failure functions

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