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XN-ZZ416 Vertical Parting Flaskless Moulding Production Line

The vertical parting casting line without flask is suitable for the metal casting industry and is widely used. It realizes mechanical automation instead of manual operation, integrates the functions of automatic feeding, and grinding, etc.

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Product Description

Main characteristics of the production line: 
1. Scope of application: (Φ10mm-Φ40mm) casting ball,(6mm*6mm-40mm*45mm) casting segment product and quantity production of small-sized alloy liner and castings.
2. Automation of the whole production line has been improved and now it only needs about 6 workers per line.
3. The production capacity of the whole production line is strong; the average machine-hour production capacity is about 2 tons/h, six times higher than the traditional operation.
4. Independently researched and developed bottom constant-temperature casting machine is applied to the casting process. 
5. The production line is equipped with dust-collecting and smoke-extracting environmental protection devices to satisfy the working
environment for modern enterprises.
XN-ZZ416 (Vertical parting) flaskless molding production line possesses many an invention and patent technology:
     1) A vertical parting casting ball and segment mold Patent No.: 200910220919.0
     2) A vertical parting casting segment mold Patent No.: 200910116618.3
     3) Vertical parting casting ball and segment mold Patent No.: 200910116617.9

Relevant technical parameters of XN-ZZ416 (Vertical parting) flaskless molding production line
      1) Production rate (frequency), considering properties of casting ball segment product with various specifications, hourly unit production capacity is 100 boxes-180 boxes, and the contemporarily set frequency of injection molding is about 100-200 molds/h. The whole production line requires 7-8 workers. 
      2) Width and height of sand mold dimension remain unchanged; the height is 480mm, the width is 600mm and the thickness of sand mold is in the range of 110-160mm, considering the produced product with different specifications. 
      3) Mesh number of molding sand: generally as 70-110 meshes, for specification aboveΦ30, 50-90 meshes are recommended for the sake of exhaust. 
      4) Hourly output: considering the different specifications ofΦ6mm-Φ40mm, the hourly output is in a range of 1- tons. 
      5) Constant-temperature casting machine: 1.5t capacity. Considering that products have different specifications, hourly unit maximum iron liquid throughput is 3.5t/h.
     6) Molding sand detection: it is mainly used to detect the contents of water, red braize, porcellanite, compactability, blue absorption power, and gas evolution in molding sand.
     7) The hourly maximum amount of sand milling per sand mill: 36t/h
     8) Maximum shake-out sand handling capacity: 40t/h
     9) Used sand recovery handling capacity: 40-70t/h
    10) There are 2 sets of the dust-extraction system with an efficiency of dust collection about 99.2-99.9% (depends on filter materials), among which, one set is for a shake-out sand system and the other one for a sand mill, used sand recovery and used sand reclamation system. 
    11) Covering area: about 2300 square meters.
    12) The height of the highest part in the production line, chimney, is about 17m, (occupying two factory rooms, with a length of about 12-14m), while the height of other parts remains unchanged.

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