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Automatic Vertical Flask less molding and casting production line

Through a series of inventions and innovations, the structure and shape of the production line and the machine have been gradually optimized. The equipment is controlled by PLC to complete accurate mo...

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The vertical parting casting line without flask is suitable for the metal casting industry and is widely used. It realizes mechanical automation instead of manual operation, integrates the functions of automatic feeding, grinding, dust removal, auxiliary material recovery, product separation, and treatment, etc. the overall process structure design and layout are advanced in science and widely suitable for wear-resistant ball & cylpebs and batch production of spare parts, the high degree of automation, greatly saving manpower, solving the difficulty of casting labor, the current traditional labor is more than 3 times of the current wire automation labor; strong production capacity, more than 6 times of the traditional operation efficiency, design constant temperature automatic pouring, unify the casting process, ensure the quality of products; non-standard design and production are reasonable and perfect, no air leakage, no dust emission, protection of the workshop site working environment, in line with the national atmospheric environmental protection policy.

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