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Clay/green sand moulding machine, automatic sand molding machine flask less iron casting machine

The equipment products are mainly suitable for the casting production of small and medium-sized castings. This series fully automatic horizontal flask less casting production line is a kind of molding equipment that is widely..

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Product Description

Horizontal casting production line - online completion of automatic molding, mold, sand compaction, sand transport operation, etc., to achieve mechanical automation instead of manual operations. The equipment is characterized by low investment, environmental protection, high efficiency and a high degree of automation, which solves the backward production process, environmental pollution, labor difficulties, and other transformation and upgrading of cost-effective casting equipment in traditional casting enterprises.

The production efficiency is 100-120 molds/hour. For enterprises to directly reduce labor up to 90%, improve the product yield, reduce comprehensive costs by more than 25%. Intelligent control, PID automatic closed-loop control through PLC, can achieve a key operation, memory operation. Stable work, accurate action, remote fault analysis and processing through Ethernet.

The hydraulic system adopts proportion and data control technology to fully realize timely data control in the process of compression molding, stripping, mold closing, and sand mold conveying, so as to ensure the yield of sand mold making.

Editability of production process parameters. During the production, the thickness, molding pressure, and molding speed of the sand mold should be adjusted timely to meet the requirements of the complex product molding process.

With a light curtain alarm system and other protective measures to ensure safe production.

Can be customized according to customer requirements


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