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Horizontal flask less green sand production line

Standard configuration the whole line is arranged in a matrix. Modeling line, condensation line; Both ends are provided ...

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Product Description

Standard configuration 

The whole line is arranged in a matrix. Molding line, cooling line. Both ends are provided with the stringing machine. The sand trolley carries the sand mold on the track. Configuration of the corresponding specifications of the model molding machine can be set up in parallel 2 and more than a molding machine. Equipped with pouring weight installation and disassembly mechanism, casing sand cleaning mechanism, and sand offline machine. The whole line can be directly connected with the cooling conveyor belt.

Features of horizontal casting production line:

Suitable for mass production of casting products, also can produce two or more kinds of casting products at the same time. The workshop covers a relatively large area. The track of the line is the dual deck and is arranged in double rows. Two sand trolley connected to one operation. The whole line layout meets the technological requirements of one casting line area and three cooling or condensing line areas. Whole line configuration 1 set of corresponding specification model molding machine. Equipped with pouring weight placement and removal mechanism, casing sand cleaning device, and sand type off-line device. Both ends are provided with a lifting and transitioning device for the sand trolley. The whole line can be directly connected with the cooling conveyor belt or cleaning mechanism.


The whole line has a compact structure and small floor space. The layout of the multi-section condensing line fully meets the requirements of the condensing process for product casting. One production line can only be equipped with one molding machine.

Multiple sets of track parallel. The line has a number of groups of track parallel arrangement, directly on the ground; The box-less molding machine is placed at one end of the whole line; Both ends are provided with side pushing devices; The sand tray reciprocates automatically.

Features of multi-group track parallel production line:

The production line has the advantages of simple structure, less investment, simple operation, and is suitable for developing enterprises.

Compared with the first two production lines, the production environment is poor and the safety needs to be further improved.

Can be customized according to customer requirements

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