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Flaskless Molding Machines for Small Parts

The automatic flaskless casting production line equipment replaces the traditional manual casting and compacting machine casting mode, which solves the problems of heavy labor intensity, serious noise pollution, and high technical difficulty.

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Product Description

XNSW Series Green Sand Automatic Foundry Casting Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine -This is an automatic molding machine to replace the traditional manual hand molding method. It has a compact structure and high safety performance, easy to operate, cover small floor space, and makes low noise.

Widely used in castings, machinery parts, auto and motorcycle parts, valves, bearings, cylinder head, flywheel housing, and brake caliper, but also pipe fitting, shaft, and covers, like T joint, elbow, and clamp.
More competitive for those products require an inner sand core.

Main parameter & specification:

Model NumberXNZJ55x45XNZJ60x50XNZJ65x55XNZJ71x61XNZJ71x61H
Size of Sand Mold (mm)550x450600x500650x550710x610
Modeling Method                                          Sand shooting squeeze molding
Molding Speed sec/mold         32          36          38          38          45 
Air pressure MPa         0.6          0.7          0.7         0.7         0.7 
Drive Mode                                                 Hydromatic+Pneumatic
Air consumption m3         1.1         1.2         1.2         1.3         1.3
Power supply                                                   AC220-380V DC24v
Weight of Sand Kg         85          130          150          210          320 
Motor Power KW        24         28        28         36         36
Maximum Productivity molds/hour         120         100-120       100-120        100-120          90-100 
Machine External Dimensions




Net weight         7.5T         8.5T         9T         10T         15T

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