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Horizontal Parting Iron Mould

Mould of Iron-oxide-coated-sand molding production line has Patent No.: ZL201320259198.6     The series of mold has the following characteristics: 

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Product Description

Mould of Iron-oxide-coated-sand molding production line has Patent No.: ZL201320259198.6

The series of mold has the following characteristics:

  • Shaped in the metal composite model, the mold turns to be smaller in dimension; the sand core is made into form by the chilling forming technology, which does not only save the electricity used in thermal forming but also avoids the input of special equipment. In addition, forging by this technology also can ensure the casting accuracy of form and position as well as the quality of its appearance, improve the qualified rate of casting, and meanwhile control the allowance in mold cutting and processing, so as to achieve the objective of saving resources.

  • The mold is processed in the gantry numerical control machining center, therefore the labor intensity is alleviated while the accuracy of the molded product is enhanced.

  • In the molding assembling surface of the mold sets overflow groove which can be used to prevent the metal liquid from leaking to ensure production safety, since the coagulating property of metal liquid in room temperature enables itself to seal.

  • Molding assembling position employs split locating pins and bushes since they can be replaced conveniently, thus, greatly reducing the mold maintenance cost.

  • High precision: adopt the gantry machining center to process and form once, to ensure the machining precision of the mold, to ensure the sand covering thickness of the mold and to avoid the wrong box of the product. The thickness error of the sand layer of mold is controlled within ± 1mm.

  • Quality stability: stress relief treatment shall be carried out before mold processing to prevent mold deformation or cracking and ensure the stability of mold quality.

  • Service life: under normal working conditions, the comprehensive service life of the mold shall not be less than 1000000 times

  • Stable quality: the metal mold composite model is used for molding, and the mud core is cold formed to ensure the shape and position accuracy and appearance quality of the casting. Before the mold is processed, the stress is eliminated to prevent the deformation or cracking during the use of the mold, so as to ensure the stability of the mold quality and improve the service life.

  • The unique mold and mold plate process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the mature production process of the high, medium, and low chromium casting products to ensure product quality. 

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