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Integration of Riser with Cast ball production line

High Chrome ball and cylpebs casting machine

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The riser is an indispensable technology in the smelting forging. Up to now, in the smelting forging industry, riser forming and molding still requires heavy workload and also needs to be pre-forged and stored in advance. It asks for input of special equipment and has high manufacturing cost; when the risers are needed, they have to be installed one by one. Especially, in the moving and installing process, the riser is easy to be damaged; when installing, there is the clearance between the riser and molding cavity, which is difficult to clean, especially, when it is of metal coated sand forging; and it is also apt to form lots of loose sand, which requires cleaning in time. The cleaning takes lots of time and effort, what’s more, if the loose sand is cleaned incompletely, the remnant will be brought by the metal fluid into the casting system during the casting process, as a result, it will directly influence the quality of casting product. 

      Equipped with the patented technology, ZL201310278166.5, etc, riser and molding cavity are integrated so as to achieve the one-stop molding. It does not only avoid transportation and installation to implement production and molding synchronically and get rid of loose sand formed in the riser installation, but also saves the input of core shooter.

     A  Integration of riser and molding cavity improves the quality of coated sand molding to ensure the internal quality of castings;
  B Integration of riser and molding cavity saves installation and separate production in the coated sand molding process, thus, avoiding special equipment input and saving the labor force.
  C Integration of riser and molding cavity implements solidification and molding synchronically, which makes full use of excess heat of mold.
     D Structure of integrated riser saves sand consumption.

      The invention of integrated riser technology saves the production equipment input and 2 workers; reduces production energy consumption; saves sand consumption; and improves product quality.

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